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Uppsala Art Museum
Tamar Ettun - The Yellow Who Wants

12 May - 21 August 2016

Supported by Iaspis Swedish Art Council and Artis Contemporary

Sculpture Center
May 1 - August 1, 2016
In Practice: Fantasy Can Invent Nothing New curated by Olga Dekalo

Diana Lowenstein Gallery
TRILATERATION | Andy Coolquitt, Tamar Ettun, Michael Loveland curated by Ombretta Argo
April 15th - May 28th

Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly: Part YELLOW
Tamar Ettun and The Moving Company
Bryant Park, NYC

April 8, 3-4pm and 5-6pm
Followed by Q&A and a reception
Movers: Maia Karo, Rebecca Pristoop, Mor Mendel, Sabrina Shapiro, Asher Mones, Laura Bernstein, Tina Wang
Costume Design by Ella Dagan
Presented by Bryant Park, Art Production Fund, Fridman Gallery, and The Franklin Furnace Fund

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Excerpt from: Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly, Part YELLOW

Mauve Bird: Part Yellow from Tamar Ettun on Vimeo.